Friday, June 19, 2009

OES Hits the 100 Follower Mark

It's official. OES on twitter, tweeting under the name "hottorontoband" has now hit the hundred follower mark. Thanks to all of the great fans that have helped us achieve this hot milestone.

Hot Toronto Band Reaches 100 Followers

For those of you that haven't hit us on Twitter, c'mon and check us out. You can even follow us on your mobile phone. How freakin' hot is that!?!?

Of course, the band members aren't really aware of how much work Twitter is. Finding people to follow, replying to direct messages, coming up with exciting information to tweet about every day. They think it all happens by magic. But hey, that's a-okay - they're a great bunch of kids and you can't expect them to care too much about what their band manager is doing behind the scenes. Rock on!

By the way if you missed the post on our official site, I've laid to rest rumours that OES members have been flirting with other bands. Each and every OES musician is dedicated to not performing with OES, and only OES!

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